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Blockchain APIs

    Blockchain APIs :

  • Blockchain as a service (BaaS)
  • To develop an application that relies on one or more Blockchain protocols, you need to hire Blockchain developers with experience in each of these Blockchain protocols, setup and secure the servers, sync the nodes, find a good and reliable library and integrate each Blockchain protocol separately. Bitcoin API,Ethereum API,Dash API,Monero API,Litecoin API,BitcoinCash API
  • 0% commission!
  • 6+ Integrated Blockchain nodes (main) and more are coming
  • Browse the blockchain (historical data)
  • Create & Check wallets, balances, addresses and contracts
  • Create transactions or payment forwarding
  • Optimize and manage gas fees
  • Get a Webhook about certain events

Market Data APIs

No Name Price Rate
1 Bitcoin $53199.94 0.46%
2 Ethereum $3983.54 -0.11%
3 Ripple $1.4349 2.61%
4 Polkadot $42.8004 6.99%
5 Litecoin $340.17 1.32%
6 Bitcoin Cash $1314.2 -1.11%

    Market Data APIs :

  • Real-time exchange market data
  • Get cryptocurrency market data collected from the best cryptocurrency exchanges in real time.
  • Exact exchange rate
  • Import in real time
  • Exchange rate by exchange
  • Transaction information (low price, high price, market price, volatility rate)
  • 15000+ trading pairs
  • 500+ cryptocurrencies
  • More than 30 fiat currencies


    • Payment Service

      Faster, more secure and user-friendly digital payments

    • Salary Service

      Create your wallet and deal using the API

    • Crypto Wallet

      Using Crypto Market Data API, you can get cryptocurrencies and FIAT current prices

    • Blockchain Explorer

      It's much easier to build a Blockchain Explorer with Crypto APIs as we have all the needed data

    • Crypto Exchange

      You could save time, huge development cost and you will be able to release much faster

    • Crypto/Blockchain Subscribe

      You can subscribe for any type of signals for both Blockchain protocols and Crypto Exchanges


    • Total Crypto Market Data in one place
    • Client library in your programming language
    • Scalable & Secure Servers
    • Real-Time & On-Demand information
    • Reduce your application dependencies and libraries
    • Server storage space saving
    • We manage Security patches & Upgrades
    • Save development and DevOps costs


Get access to libraries with the most popular programming languages on GitHub. Crypto APIs Libraries include API endpoints, programming tools, and documentation. Get the fastest way of scaling your business and focusing on the important elements of your business.
  • LIVE
  • PHP
  • LIVE
  • Node.js
  • LIVE
  • Java
  • LIVE
  • .NET
  • LIVE
  • LIVE
  • Ruby
  • LIVE
  • GO
  • SOON
  • iOS
  • SOON
  • Anroid


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