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Want to develop a blockchain-based service? With BLOCKSDK's API, you can use the same technology as an industry leader to develop dapps based on Binance And start WEB3 projects.

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Binance APIs

Real-time blockchain data streaming

Get user token information


Create a crypto wallet

Aggregation of Contract Data

Exchange Development

Binance Take the lead in creating and building prototypes
In your project to get started!

Leveraging our tutorials and API references with easy code copy and implementation,
we can reduce Web3 release time by 83% on average.

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A different company


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Faster average time To market

API Features Binance For BLOCKSDK

BLOCKSDK's Binance API provides easy access to many powerful Web3 features.

Streaming real-time blockchain events

You can easily get on-chain blockchain data in real time. Binance It receives various events from transactions such as token transactions, NFT creation, NFT transactions, and more. Using the Stream API, whenever something happens on the blockchain, it can be received in a web hook callback or socket.

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Web3 Wallet Development, Realize with Amazing Speed!

To expedite the project launch, BLOCKSDK's wallet generation API, coin transfer API, NFT transfer, NFT inquiry, and more. All APIs required for wallet development are supported. Ethereum Dapp can be built right away!

Establishing a Cryptocurrency Exchange

BLOCKSDK's crosschain BEP-20 Token API, coin transfer API, stream API, DEX DB service, etc. make it easy to add real-time token prices, wallet balances, transfers, and liquidity to DEX exchanges. Building crypto wallets, DEX, and Web3 token analysis tools has never been this easy!

Developing NFT Platform in the Shortest Time

APIs to access NFT data from all cross-chains are supported. All APIs needed to develop NFT services, including direct execution APIs, NFT transport APIs, and NFT metadata inquiry APIs, are supported. NFT services can be built at a tremendous speed.

Do you want More blockchain APIs?

Our Binance NFT API, Token API, Wallet API, and more are all perfectly compatible with other blockchain APIs. Experience a variety of Web3 APIs for yourself!

Block API

It precisely and accurately unlocks the power of raw blockchain data.

Address API

Create a wallet address and send the coins that the wallet owns.

Transfer API

Inquire the detailed data of the transaction, or create and send the transaction.


Send token balance or transaction details, ownership details inquiry, and tokens.


BEP-721 Or BEP-1155 On inquires NFT data such as metadata inquiry for NFTs based

Smart Contract API

Enquires and executes the expected gas ratio or direct data query for the direct execution.

Market API

Inquire auction information on NFT markets, data on sales registration.

Search Crypto API

Query the historical data of the token you owned.

Build and deploy DApps
Easily To all major blockchains

Our Binance API is part of BLOCKSKD's WEB3 API, which is cross-chain compatible by default. Check out other APIs such as Polygon API or Klaytn API.

SDKs based
On various languages are supported.

We offer a variety of sample codes, including sample wallets and NFT markets. Use our SDK to navigate the blockchain with concise code and get additional information with industry-leading documents!

const BLOCKSDK = require("blocksdk-js");
const client = new BLOCKSDK(

  answer => console.log(answer)

client.undefined.GetBlock("block" : "blockNumber or blockHash").then(
  answer => console.log(answer)


Find powerful documents for all supported chains and find out how to call the WEB3 API using the latest libraries and code examples across Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and cURL.

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Find the right guide to help distribute smart contracts, create NFTs, build distributed applications, and more on all supported blockchains.

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Check out the latest announcements about major releases, new features, chains, and more.

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With BLOCKSDK, you can query and create data from more than a dozen cross-chains in seconds. DirectDB automates the DB system construction by collecting and aggregating all types of WEB3 data through custom DB settings. Industry-leading companies trust us and you can do the same.