Automated Web3
Contract DB

ContractDB is a service for recording data generated by Solidity
That allows you to start aggregating and recording Historical data as well as new data.

#DEX exchange transaction count highest order query
query Query{
		results {

    "data": {
        "DexTokens": {
            "count": 8,
            "results": [
                    "totalSwapCount": 21,
                    "totalMintCount": 43,
                    "totalMintAmount": 6016476091426609861704343,
                    "totalBurnCount": 1,
                    "totalBurnAmount": 99999999999999661952,
                    "totalAmountOut": 717375941626483906112588,
                    "totalAmountIn": 1229589530991652755204144,
                    "tokenAddress": "0x29b5fd4b1008d48dfb00ec46f8b4d2f2ebca9b72"
                    "totalSwapCount": 47,
                    "totalMintCount": 52,
                    "totalMintAmount": 120709990000000000,
                    "totalBurnCount": 4,
                    "totalBurnAmount": 1000268001131058,
                    "totalAmountOut": 60515224444768908,
                    "totalAmountIn": 41490260240678780,
                    "tokenAddress": "0xbb4cdb9cbd36b01bd1cbaebf2de08d9173bc095c"
                    "totalSwapCount": 33,
                    "totalMintCount": 9,
                    "totalMintAmount": 5155051581870680407,
                    "totalBurnCount": 1,
                    "totalBurnAmount": 309996957163364282,
                    "totalAmountOut": 18094377802474954173,
                    "totalAmountIn": 14488376913878870623,
                    "tokenAddress": "0x55d398326f99059ff775485246999027b3197955"

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